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The best part of waking up, is Norman on your dash…..Good Norming, y’all!!!


Alright, today’s Good Norming is going to be for enjoying some Daryl goodness!!! None of the pics or gifs are mine, but please, enjoy!!!


Buy The Walking Dead Merchandise:


Buy The Walking Dead Merchandise:

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I love this.


I love this.

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I have been told that I must take the unforsaken road.

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So my roommate and i have been cleaning our rooms and we have found a lot of stuff we don’t use anymore so we have decided to make a huge giveaway with all of the stuff because we thought someone might want it. And we don’t need the money anyways so.


- MUST be following me and my roommate!

- Reblog please, likes won’t count but you can like to bookmark it.

- We ship internationally, as i said money is not a problem, and it would be unfair if we didn’t because everyone should have a chance.

- Giveaway ends the 30th of April. Good luck everyone!!!! 

Description of the goodies: 

• Makeup set Lancome Paris.

• 6 nail polishes: $12

• Hair curler: $30

• Salonstraight Sonic xl philips: $35

• Lipstick Babylips Cherry Me: $3

• Shakira’s latest fragance (Wild Elixir Shakira): $20

• Body cream bodyfruit: $6 (it smells so good omg we bought another one for us)

• Sony headphones: $40

• Iphone 4 (used)

• Tablet Energy i10: $150 (barely used tbh)

• White Dr Martens size 7: $120

• Black shoes size 7

• Two dresses from H&M and Bershka: $35

• One sweater with hearts from Lefties

• Two bags (black one is from deny&ozzy and green one is from atmosphere)

• Owl Dressing Case from Lefties.

Hope you like the giveaway and reblog as many times as you want!! If you have any questions we will be glad to answer in here or here.

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